Automatic Glue Kitchen System

Automatic Glue Kitchen System

CHJ Series

 Passed CE certification 
 Well - designed viscosity detection system eliminates interference factors during measurement process .
 The specially designed bearing pedestal ensures the vertical precision , the spindle is precisely machined to guarantee the concentricity .
 Specialy designed soda dissolving tank can eliminate hidden danger .
 Unattended on duty control system 
 Can be connected with starch water reuse system to achieve zero discharge of starch water .
 Constant temperature system 
 Little temperature &. Viscosity change in summer and winter to ensure eficient use of glue in the production line .

CQJ Series

 Personalized customization 
 Configuration or special requirement can be made according to customer ' s actual requirem .
 Double starch feeding system 
 Store corn &. tapioca starch powder separately to save starch consumption cost .
 Glue measuring system 
 Connected with the production ERP to check the glue usage in real time , keep accurate statistics of glue usage per 
 shift to help managers control costs .
 Dust removing system 
 Avoid dust damage to the staf and keep clean in the workshop .

Product parameter table

CJX Round-robin mode

CJX -1 Storage Tank Control System 
Supporting the use of CHJ / CQJ auto glue kitchen to produce

Individual formula setting for each glue storage tank and select and convey glue automatically formula automatically 
Remote monitoring of liquid level &. temperature and fault warning for glue shortage 
Maximum support 4 sets glue storage control systems  Constant temperature control ( optional function )

CJX -2 High - low cycle system .
1) each glue usage tank control system can add the glue under its own formula automatically
2) liquid level control &. Warning 
3) conversion for auto / manual mode 
4) mutual circulating glue function 
5) the pressure transmitting function ( The on - site glue display )